Kolkata jackpot is one of the most popular game in West Bengal. 10 millions people are directly or indirectly playing online jackpot game online or off line.

To play kolkata jackpot game you have to be experience in guessing game. You have to analysis and understand previous jackpot results, data pattern which helps us to understand gussing game.

To play kolkata you should know the game rules. The kolkata jackpot game is very simple; you can understand the jackpot format and rules how numbers are guessed . If you Understand the rules of jackpot game properly,you can easily become a jackpot king of kolkata.

Another rules you must follow avoid placing huge bet or guess . When you choose number, you have an option to choose different number with different size. Good players always bet small amount or large amount depending of jackpot size.

To become success in kolkata jackpot, should be don't repeat mistake repetably. You stupid and silly mistake during jackpot game will cause huge money loss. So be causious and avoid mistake learnt from past experiences.

Step by Step Process to Play Kolkata Jackpot at Infernos

STEP 1 - First and foremost, is you need to lottery online purchase from a well-known online lottrey site. Make sure the place is authorized, like Kolkata Jackpot.

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STEP 2- Choose the country you wish to play lottery online in.

STEP 3- Select the online lottery you want to play lottery from.

STEP 4- Make online lottery booking.

STEP 5- Check the latest result.

STEP 6- Claim your winnings.

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